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You can enjoy smoking from our high quality Russian hookahs such ALPHA, MATTPEAR, HOOB, DSH and more. We carry the highest quality tobacco and our Hookah Master will accommodate your mood with any flavor you

For your safety we clean and sanitize our hookahs regularly with a high temperature steam machine.

keep the tobacco brands as they are in this section (Element, Adalya etc…..)

Alpha hookah

Miniature author Alpha Hookahs produced in St. Petersburg. For the manufacture of mines and mouthpieces went high-quality stainless steel. The hose is made of durable silicone. It has a magnetic connector. At the case of anodized aluminum when ordering, you can choose a lining of any color. Alpha Hookah logo printed on saucer. Alpha Hookah X Artist Collection – compact and collapsible hookah is made of aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. Its main difference from the classical model is that it is decorated with a calligraphic drawing by the Russian artist Pavel Almazov.

Mattpear hookah

MattPear hookahs – is a popular Russian brand that produces premium products for smoking stainless steel tobacco. Hookahs MattPear have a simple design and easy to assembl. The MattPear Simple M Ball is created from high quality polyacetal with pressed stainless steel which give the Matt Pear Simple an impeccable build as they’ve thought of every possible detail of this hookah before they dove into it’s creation. With a magnetic connection pulling the hose port and diffusers to the stem you don’t have to worry about it falling out or lack of a connection that causes you to lose precious smoke through the hose ports. The, Simple also comes with a stainless steel downstem as well as removable diffuser! Be sure to add a Mattpear to your collection.

DSH Hookah

The production of DSH hookahs began in 2015. Dream Smoke Hookah from the Krasnodar Territory offered the Russian market a new high-quality stainless steel product. The chip was a strict classic design and a thin shaft. At the same time, the consumer has a choice: take the model in black and white or bright colors.

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Our customers enjoy complimentary mint cucumber water with their hookah. With nearly 100 flavors of shisha to chose from, our customers never run out of options.

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Our vast knowledge and experience allows us to carefully source and offer premium products and brands. Our product selection guarantees superior quality and experience.

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